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FTU intelligent flow measurement terminal

Author:   Release Time: 2020-05-25   Views:254

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China has made great achievements in water conservancy construction. In the context of the reality that major social contradictions have changed in our country and that old and new water problems are interwoven, water conservancy work has assumed an even more arduous task, facing more severe challenges, especially water shortage, water ecological damage, water pollution and other problems need to be solved urgently. Reviewing the work done in 2018, wuhan Sifuming Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. has contributed our wisdom in promoting irrigation district water measurement, agricultural water price reform, on-line monitoring of ecological flow, building water ecological civilization, establishing a foothold in Hubei, and serving water industry departments at all levels, certain achievements and results have been achieved. In 2018, the "small buoy-type integrated water quality online monitoring station system" launched by the company in conjunction with the Hubei Water Conservancy and hydropower research institute has been put into trial operation, the company has also made significant progress in communicating with owners and design institutes, as well as the Inner Mongolia agricultural water price reform and flow monitoring programme. Many new schemes and technologies, such as gate flow integrated control, FTU intelligent flow measurement terminal (automatic judging flow monitoring mode, automatic acquisition of flow corresponding to hydrological elements) , have been applied in hydraulic engineering projects such as Sichuan and Hubei. Looking ahead to 2019, Wuhan Sifuming Technology Co. , Ltd. will increase investment in the flow monitoring, water quality monitoring, information technology projects, based in Hubei, radiation nationwide, to build a beautiful China, to build a beautiful water conservancy!

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